Transforming franchising together

Delivering bespoke coaching solutions for individuals and teams that transform relationships across the franchising world.

Nobody ever goes into a franchise thinking they are going to fail, do they?

What if franchising became the number one growth strategy globally?

and what if every Franchisee had the support they relied upon and trusted (for their success)?

If the number of Franchisees achieving unparalleled levels of success were to skyrocket, could you imagine what that would do to the Franchising industry? Just think about the stream of compelling testimonials, case studies, media attention, and new business interest this would bring.

We believe it is possible. Whilst today the current reality is far from that ideal, it could be a very real scenario if the bridge between Franchisors and Franchisees were built and there wasn’t the flow of issues stemming from poor management, recruitment, training, and communication. We know these issues: we’ve lived and breathed them ourselves for decades.

And we’re doing something about it because we believe that we can transform franchising together.

Launched BFA QFC Programme in 2024

BFA Approved Advisor and Strategic Partner

2 decades experience in Franchising at CEO Level

Programmes designed to deliver Pre - agreed ROI targets

Our approach

When we work with our customers, we follow a very simple 3-step approach:


Get under the skin of your business and discover a new level of insight.


We work with you to design and map out your desired future.


We facilitate action and execution to achieve your desired outcome.

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Meet our Leader

Graeme McKinnon
Founder and CEO of Franchology.

Whilst Graeme has earned an enviable reputation for building a highly successful career in Franchising, including over two decades operating at the CEO level, he attributes his success to the people he has had the privilege to lead. In fact, Graeme describes himself as a people person, obsessed with helping people to achieve their hopes and dreams, and full potential.

In business, Graeme believes everyone deserves to be treated with compassion. As an experienced coach, mentor, and leader, he understands the importance of empathy, kindness, and honesty, in developing trusted relationships.

Graeme Mckinnon

Our guarantee

When you work with us, we promise to work as a team, not as someone just telling you what to do. We are your partner, and want you to feel like we’re part of your business and vision. We check-in with you after four weeks to ensure that we are both happy with the direction we are going, and if it’s not a fit for either of us, we can happily part ways. We guarantee to operate with transparency, fairness, and kindness.

What if every Franchisor had reliable and trusted support that helped them succeed?

What if every Franchisee had access to support, which would result in them following the advice and guidance provided by the Franchisor?

What if every Franchisee routinely turned challenges into opportunities for growth, because they could enable a growth mindset at will?

What if every Franchisee developed an unwavering level of trust, that resulted in them never blaming the Franchisor, while simultaneously taking responsibility for their actions throughout the life cycle of their Franchise journey?

If all these above scenarios were true, it would be a complete transformation for Franchisees and Franchisors alike. This transformation is entirely achievable, but it does require a different approach.
An approach that recognises the importance of developing human connections and relationships, underpinned with a deep understanding of the psychology, neuroscience, and decades of real-life Franchising experience, with lessons learnt at the coal face, that Franchisors need to bring this reimagined world to life.

Learn Graeme’s 3 key insights to solve the problems between franchisors and franchisees

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