About Graeme

“I believe everyone deserves to be treated with compassion”

Whilst Graeme has earned an enviable reputation for building a highly successful career in Franchising, including over two decades operating at CEO level, he attributes the success he has had to the people he has the privilege to lead. In fact, Graeme describes himself as a people person, obsessed with helping people to achieve their hopes and dreams, as well as their full potential.

In business, Graeme believes everyone deserves to be treated with compassion. As an experienced coach, mentor, and leader, he understands the importance of empathy, kindness, and honesty, in developing trusted relationships. He also recognises how easy it is for humans to judge other people, without having walked in their shoes.

Graeme Mckinnon

As such, Graeme takes pride in his ability to help others see what they may not see in themselves, which with the right level of nurture, challenge, and support can deliver results which are empowering and transformative.

Notwithstanding all of the above, Graeme attributes his proudest achievements in life to his family. In fact, his definition of success as a father of two grown up sons, is that they both choose to spend time with him and his wife Nichola, as a result of the relationship they have.

Graeme lives in Edinburgh with his wife Nichola, just a short walk away from Edinburgh Castle and the historic Royal Mile. He is immensely proud of his Scottish heritage, so when he is not working, he loves to spend time with his family, including exploring the amazing scenery and lifestyle that Scotland has to offer. He loves music and sport, particularly Formula 1, and his secret passion is reciting poetry from the works of Robert Burns, the Scottish bard!