About Franchology

“Our customised coaching and mentoring programmes contain the insights and lessons learnt from over two decades in Franchising, as well as the latest research from the world of Neuroscience and Psychology to provide our clients with transformative results.”

Franchology was born from many years of working in Franchising and creating transformational outcomes through the Why Leadership brand. It was designed to provide an innovative offering in the marketplace, helping turn the daily challenges and issues Franchisors and Franchisees face, into opportunities for growth. These opportunities are then turned into actions that deliver tangible results, that are aligned with the hopes and dreams of our clients.

Franchology is driven by the purpose of transforming franchising together. This is a collaborative effort, between the Franchisor, the Franchisee, and us. The word Franchology is the interplay between ‘franchising’ and ‘psychology’, which are the core ingredients of the customised Coaching and Growth Accelerator Programmes we deliver.

Franchology incorporates the culmination of two decades of research, application, management, and learning from inside the Franchising industry. Led by Graeme McKinnon, the Franchology team provide bespoke programmes and coaching services to Franchisors and Franchisees, as well as any professional wanting to succeed in Franchising. The coaching services have also been developed utilising the latest research in Neuroscience and Behavioural Science.

This has enabled us to create a unique methodology, that has the power to transform Franchise relationships at every level. This includes unlocking the full growth potential of the Franchisees, in a way that significantly enhances their relationship with the Franchisor.


Transforming Franchising Together.


Become a world leading global Franchise community driven by purpose, and united by a humanistic approach. 


Delivering high impact, coaching and consulting solutions for individuals and teams that transform Franchise relationships across the world. 

Learn Graeme’s 3 key insights to solve the problems between franchisors and franchisees

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